ProStream Products for Sale


Live Streaming

ProStream is a proud vMix reseller. When it comes to professional live streaming production, nothing beats vMix. Features include:

  • All your inputs in one place
  • Simultaneous Streaming, Recording, and Output
  • 13 Transition Effects
  • Professional HD production on a modest PC
  • HD Virtual Sets with high quality real-time Chroma Key
  • PC and Mac Desktop Sources
  • vMix Call: Add up to 8 remote guests quickly and easily
  • Built-In Title Templates
  • Video Delay / Instant Replay
  • Web Browser Input
  • Built-In Audio Mixer

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Streaming Computers

Professional live streaming production needs the right hardware.

We’ve experimented with a variety of computer configurations in search of the right equipment for the right production. There are many options, but we’ve ultimately learned quality matters – you get what you pay for.

Below are custom configurations we’ve designed here at ProStream, as well as the high quality Live Streaming Gear products from Eastern Shore Broadcasting. Each configuration is designed to perform certain tasks.

Streaming PC’s

– Live Streaming Gear from Eastern Shore Broadcasting
— Worship $2699-$3499 (depending on hardware chosen)
— Studio $2699-$3499 (depending on hardware chosen)
– ProStream
— Sports
— Portable

The Live Streaming Gear computers from Eastern Shore Broadcasting are usually available for shipping in as little as 24 hours. Computers produced by ProStream are custom built and are usually ready to be shipped within two weeks.


Streaming Kits

We also offer custom streaming kits, giving you everything you need to produce a high-quality live streaming production. Custom kit configurations include:

Sports – custom production streaming vMix computer, instant replay, up to four HD-SDI cameras, two headsets, wireless production intercom, NDI video transmission via private WiFi network, accessories, cases, assembly and training

Churches – custom production streaming vMix computer, second computer to display song lyrics via ProPresenter, up to three HD cameras, accessories, assembly and training

Portable – custom production streaming vMix laptop, up to two HDMI camera inputs, wireless audio, assembly and training

Custom – need a custom solution? Contact us for a FREE quote.


PTZ Cameras

ProStream is a proud reseller of PTZOptics. These cameras produce a high-quality image and are supported by vMix, which means you can use the vMix software to control the pan, tilt, and zoom of each camera.


Fixed HD Cameras

ProStream is also proud to offer cameras from Marshall Electronics. These small cameras produce a high quality video signal, allowing you to place them in locations where a PTZ camera or a traditional video camera would not fit.


USB Controllers

We here at ProStream are big fans of the X-Keys USB controllers from P.I Engineering. These devices allow you to fire off a series of custom shortcuts in vMix, all with the touch of one button.